There are few countries in the world where you can relax on the beach and climb mountains, visit a spa resort and listen birds in a national reserve, and even taste almost 40 kinds of pilaf through just one trip. Azerbaijan is waiting for you at any time of the year. And Caspian Private Leisure will make sure that your impressions are woven into a bright colorful carpet!
Every journey enriches us: we gain new experiences and knowledge, uncover new tastes and aromas, learn new words and customs. Memories of remarkable places and encounters linger in our hearts for a long time. Azerbaijan is a unique region, vibrant, generous, original, bathed in warmth and sunshine. There's something special for everyone here: architectural monuments, luxurious hotels, pristine beaches, ski slopes, healing springs, stunning waterfalls, handmade carpets, and delicious food. This country isn't a one-time visit; you'll find yourself yearning to return.

New experience and knowledge

Thanks to its geographical location and climate characteristics, Azerbaijan offers diverse opportunities for tourism year-round. It's not limited to the classic city tours in Baku and other cities. There's also summer beach relaxation at numerous resorts on the Caspian Sea, wellness tourism such as visits to natural springs and premier spa centers like the Chenot Palace Health Wellness Hotel in Gabala, and active adventures in the Caucasus Mountains, including trekking, hiking, horseback riding, and, of course, winter sports tourism in the magnificent resorts of Tufandag and Shahdag.

Abundant opportunities

Tailored Tours

Amid the array of options, we're delighted to help you create your personalized tour and itinerary, shape a suitable schedule, thoroughly plan the logistics, and develop a turnkey program that considers all your preferences, from geographical to gastronomic. Whether it's a personal tour or travel for corporate clients, we're here to assist.
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