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Winemaking is one of the most interesting occupations invented by a man in ancient times. And it is also of great importance for Azerbaijan, the country of sunshine and vineyards. Caspian Private Leisure invites you to take exciting wine tours and walk through the best wine bars in Baku and other cities.
Wine tours offer an enriching and informative excursion in Azerbaijan, especially for connoisseurs of the vine's bounty. Winemaking here dates back to the second millennium BC, as evidenced by clay jars with traces of wine discovered by archaeologists. Intriguingly, the first commercial winery in Azerbaijan's Goygol region was founded in the 1860s by immigrants from South Germany. During the Soviet era, the "Aghdam" port wine was the most renowned, and winemaking was the most profitable industry until the anti-alcohol campaign of 1985 led to the felling of thousands of vineyard hectares. Since 2002, the industry has been revitalized, and many fine local grape varieties are now cultivated, along with the popular pomegranate wines of Agsu and Tovuz.

Azerbaijani Winemaking

Caspian Private Leisure invites you to tour two of Azerbaijan's prime wineries. Meysari, located in a village of the same name near Shamakhi town, was a well-known wine-growing district in the '70s and '80s and is now a leading winemaking center. Meysari, the first Azerbaijani company to earn EU organic certification, offers wine tasting tours where visitors can sample wines made using French techniques, as well as dine at the adjacent Abqora restaurant that serves authentic dishes and conducts culinary masterclasses.
Savalan winery in Gabala, operating since 2007, produces select wines using Italian technology. The winery's offerings include over 20 varieties, such as red Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet, white Riesling, Viognier, Verdejo, and rosé wines. Internationally recognized with 60 awards, Savalan's products are Azerbaijani winemaking's hallmark and are exported worldwide.

Winery tours

Individual tastes and wishes

Caspian Private Leisure collaborates with top enologists and sommeliers to guide you in selecting the perfect wine for your dinner and crafting a wine list that reflects your preferences. We'll enlighten you on how Azerbaijan's various regions differ in their winemaking techniques. If you desire, we can arrange a tour of Baku's finest wine bars and plan your visit to the annual wine and grape festival in Shamakhi, held in late August and early September.

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