Azerbaijan is attractive to many foreigners not only for its beautiful nature, but also for its economic potential. If you decide to move to our country to live and work, you will need to deal with state registration and work permits, applying as an individual entrepreneur, and registering with the tax service. Our company offers consulting services on a variety of issues related to local legislation in the field of migration and employment. Our specialists provide detailed advice, assist with official paperwork, and personally accompany you at all stages of submitting and receiving documents.

Consultations on Paperwork for Living and Working in Azerbaijan

Those planning to stay in Azerbaijan for an extended period must register with the migration service. We will handle the arrangement of this important process. We will assist you in obtaining temporary residence and compiling a package of documents for obtaining permanent residence, helping you understand the nuances of the law to ensure your stay in our country is legally compliant. Another crucial task we handle is tracking the validity of the obtained documents and ensuring their timely renewal to avoid any unwanted consequences.

Migration issues

Labor law

Many people come to Azerbaijan in search of decent income, for example, in the IT or oil sector. These pursuits often involve bureaucratic challenges. We are always ready to help you collect the necessary documents for obtaining a work permit or registering an individual business. It's crucial for us to minimize the risk of a work permit denial.

High quality of services

The lawyers at Caspian Private Leisure, who are tasked with resolving each specific issue, have a high level of professionalism and expertise. They guarantee an individual approach to each client, total confidentiality, and protection of personal data. Their knowledge and experience enable us to consider all possible solutions to your issue and offer the best option.

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