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Baku is a real haven for shoppers. Here, you'll find a plethora of shopping options from luxury boutiques of global fashion brands to artisan shops, bustling street markets, and modern shopping centers. Shopping with Caspian Private Leisure guarantees a successful and enjoyable experience!
Indeed, in Azerbaijan's capital, you can discover everything from globally renowned fashion accessories and jewelry brands to traditional handmade products. Shopping options range from luxury boutiques to small craft shops. Caspian Private Leisure will guide you on your shopping spree, transforming it into an enjoyable journey with guaranteed results.
Well-known branded stores are concentrated on the central streets, particularly on the pedestrian Nizami street, colloquially called "torgovaya". This street extends up to 3.5 km. Your shopping route will undoubtedly include Neftchiler Avenue, Zarifa Aliyeva, and Aziz Aliyev Streets, which house representatives of the world fashion industry. Large shopping centers such as Ganjlik Mall and Port Baku Mall, Park Bulvar in Seaside Park, and certainly, TSUM, offering a wide range of jewelry, are worth a visit.

Baku is a perfect city for shopping

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Personal assistant and stylist help

Baku offers boundless opportunities for shopping. However, if time is limited and the shopping list is extensive, it's advisable to shop with professional assistance. This approach is not only more convenient but also more profitable. A personal shopping assistant from Caspian Private Leisure will gladly help you make the right choices, share some secret addresses, and turn your shopping experience into an absolute pleasure.

What to bring as souvenirs

Apart from traditional magnets and standard T-shirts with printed attractions, you can buy many beautiful keepsakes in Azerbaijan. Our country is unusually rich in craft traditions - carpet weaving, metalworking, embroidery, ceramics. Take home a small carpet or silk goods, copper kitchen utensils or spices, a box with oriental patterns or even daggers! All of these can be found in one of Baku's oldest and most vibrant markets - Teze Bazar (the New Bazaar). Here, at the marketplace, we recommend you be escorted by a guide for a small, yet highly informative and tasty tour. Expect to be treated to hot tea with traditional sweets and ripe pomegranates - don't refuse! Feel yourself as a treasured guest of a wealthy merchant and enjoy Eastern hospitality!

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