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Gastronomy is a special art that embodies culture and history, traditions and climate in culinary masterpieces. Azerbaijan gives unimaginable variety and richness of tastes, so gastronomic tourism is one of the most important components of a trip to this country.
Gastronomy is an art form, encapsulating culture, history, tradition and climate in culinary masterpieces. Azerbaijan boasts a wealth of flavors, making gastronomic tourism an integral part of any journey here. The cuisine of Azerbaijan is among the most ancient, intriguing and distinctive. Traditional recipes and cooking methods are adhered to even in modern restaurants, often serving dishes in traditional earthen or copper dishes adorned with embossing. The influence of the Great Silk Road can be felt in the historic part, Icheri Sheher, where restored 17th-century caravanserais coexist with trendy restaurants.

Taste the Diversity of Azerbaijani Cuisine

The cornerstone of Azerbaijani cuisine lies in meat, grains and spices such as basil, saffron, and thyme. Pilaf holds a special place, with about 200 varieties like govurma-plov, syabzi govurma-plov, toyug-plov, shirin-plov, balig-plov, shuyud-plov, shashandaz-plov, giymya-plov and the signature shah-plov. Popular soups include dovga, piti, dushbara, umach, and kofta bozbash, along with main dishes like lula kebab, govurma, chyhyrtma, and fish dishes like tandyr carp, sturgeon kebab. Flour dishes such as gutab, chorek, surkhulyu are also favored. The East is renowned for sweets, including the famous halva and baklava from Ganja. Azerbaijani tea, traditionally brewed strong with added mint or thyme and spices like cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and served hot in special cups known as armudis, is a local favorite.

Indulge in Traditional Azerbaijani Dishes

Discover Authentic Regional Specialties

Each city in Azerbaijan presents its own unique cuisine. In Sheki, piti soup is a must-try, whereas Ganja is known for dovga made from yogurt and greens, and Nakhchivan for govurma shorbasi, a soup with lamb meat. Lenkoran is famed for lavangi, a dish of chicken or fish stuffed with nuts. The gastronomic consultants at Caspian Private Leisure will guide you through the nuances of regional cuisine, help you taste different delicacies, learn the exact recipe, and understand the dish's history from the chef. They'll also advise you on the best places for a romantic dinner, guide you through local markets, and update you about gastro-festivals held regularly in Baku and neighboring cities.

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