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Therapeutic and recreational tourism occupies an important place in Azerbaijan's leisure industry. Thanks to natural springs such as Naftalan, Istisu, and Galaalti, this destination is becoming increasingly popular and in demand. Caspian Private Leisure offers a unique collection of resorts located in picturesque settings where guests can relax, improve their health, find harmony, and inner balance. The salt caves of Duzdag in Nakhchivan, sanatoriums in Lankaran, and unique detox programs at Chenot Palace Health Wellness Hotel on the shores of Lake Nokhur are at your service.

SPA recovery

This unique balneological resort town is known for its healing naftalan oil. Naftalan baths are used to treat more than 70 different diseases, including skin and musculoskeletal problems. Regular naftalan procedures help with diseases of the nervous and circulatory system, relieve stress and fatigue. This specialized resort has been functioning since 1926 and for a long time was popular among the party elite. Now there are three five-star hotels: Garabag Resort & Spa, Chinar Hotel & Spa, and Gashalti Health Resort with their own spa centers, as well as several specialized sanatoriums. Bathing in naftalan oil is available all year round!

Naftalan complex

Duzdag Physiotherapy Center

Duzdag, 12 km from the town of Nakhchivan, is a former salt mine. Its underground tunnels at a depth of 300 meters have now been turned into a first-class speleotherapy center, where a professional team of doctors and physiotherapists help adults and children fight respiratory diseases. Ideal conditions are created in the depths of the salt mine: low humidity, constant temperature (17-18 degrees Celsius), the air is saturated with iodine, calcium, sodium ions, it is free of heavy metals, allergens, and microbes. Treatment with pure natural salt is highly effective: according to statistics, adults with bronchial asthma are cured by 80-86%, and children - by 96-98%.

Istisu source

Actually, Istisu means "thermal spring" in Azerbaijani. Underground healing springs, rich in minerals, are mainly located in the south of Azerbaijan, in the subtropical part. This is also where Istisu is located - the first sanatorium in this place appeared in 1958, and today several health centers continue to function here, including the luxurious resort and recreation complex “Lankaran Spring Wellness Resort”. Therapeutic sulfur water comes to the surface from a depth of 90-250 meters and reaches a temperature of 60 degrees. The thermal water contains hydrogen sulfide, calcium, magnesium hydrogen carbonate, and a high concentration of iodine (up to 30 mg per liter).

Qalaalti Hotel & SPA

This five-star resort is located 120 km from Baku near the town of Shabran. The unique medical and recreational complex is built under a steep cliff, over which rises the defense fortress Chiraggala of the VI century. But the main feature of this place is the seven natural springs of mineral water located in the forests of Shabran. The water, saturated with oil-containing organic substances, is successfully used to treat various urological diseases, including inflammation of the kidneys and biliary tract, and reduces the risk of stone formation. The Galaalti resort was widely known in the Soviet Union, and today it is a world-class health and wellness center.

Chenot Palace Health Wellness Hotel

The opening of the “Chenot Palace Health Wellness Hotel” complex in Gabala in November 2016 became a significant milestone in the development of health tourism in Azerbaijan. The owner and ideologist of the network of the best health centers in Europe is French scientist Henri Chenot. He developed a new concept of “biontology”, which explores the evolutionary mechanisms of psychophysical aging. “Chenot Palace Health Wellness Hotel” in Gabala offers personal wellness programs according to Chenot's methodology, including a special diet, Charcot shower, massage of energy points, and meridians. After spa treatments, guests can relax on the shores of Lake Nokhur, surrounded by centuries-old forests and the Caucasus Mountains. Throughout their stay, guests are accompanied by a highly qualified team of European medical professionals. The “Chenot Palace Health Wellness Hotel” in Azerbaijan was created in the image of Chenot Spa Centers in Switzerland and Italy, where they are popular among the royalty and business elite.

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