It is a great way to regain your strength and health, as well as enjoy the beauty of wild nature. Azerbaijan offers a huge range of options for those who are used to spending their vacations on the move. In winter you can go skiing and snowboarding, in summer - kayaking and other water sports, in fall, when it is not so hot anymore, you can go hiking - on foot or on horseback. Everywhere you will be accompanied by magnificent scenery and clean mountain air.


The geography of Azerbaijan is characterized by a variety of landscapes, climatic zones, flora and fauna. Within one trip you can climb a mountain pass and make a quiet excursion to waterfalls, admire picturesque valleys and visit one of the reserves and national parks. There are about a dozen of them organized all over the country - Shirvan, Girkan, Shahdag, Geigel.

Birdwatching is gaining popularity along with trekking and hiking. Azerbaijan has a huge biodiversity (up to 400 species of birds), and you can observe them in different parts of the country. Migrating flocks of imperial eagles and peregrine falcons stop at Beshbarmag Mountain, and the Caucasian grouse, finches and other endemics live in the mountains of the Greater Caucasus.



Caspian Private Leisure service is ready to assist in organizing trekking in Azerbaijan. We will take care of your comfort and safety, provide qualified guides and guides and, of course, design the route in detail so that you don't miss any sights or beautiful views. The Ministry of Tourism offers several ready-made trekking trails that are well marked. The most popular are 1-2 day treks: a two-hour trek from the ancient village of Gumukh to the village of Gashgachay, or a five-hour trek from the village of Chiragli to the top of Javad Khan, where a monument to the last khan of Ganja is erected. You can also climb the highest mountain of Azerbaijan, Bazardyuzu, which is 4466 meters high - however, this option is suitable only for well-prepared tourists

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