Welcome to our page about the events, places, flavors, and people that make our city special. Here, you'll find all the information about the striking and most significant happenings in the city, as well as discover newly opened, interesting places in the capital. For instance, the Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center currently hosts an exhibition devoted to Salvador Dali, running until October 8. On July 22, the Sea Breeze resort will host a live concert by Emin Agalarov as part of the Sea Breeze Summer Live festival. Additionally, on September 2, the world-renowned American music group Imagine Dragons will perform in Crystal Hall. Caspian Private Leisure will be glad to organize your attendance at these events in the most convenient format for you.

What's Interesting in Baku?

Every event is shaped by the people behind it. That's why we want to not only inform you about the latest exhibitions, plays, and film premieres, but also to engage in conversations with their heroes and organizers. Interviews with celebrities and experts will soon feature among the publications in this section, as well as author's columns with fascinating stories about people, professions, day and night city life, art and culture, restaurants, and theaters. Join us to plan your evening, meet interesting people, and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of urban life.

Events and People:


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