holiday by the sea

A beach holiday is a superb way to breathe in the restorative sea air, regain vitality, and replenish your energy reserves. Azerbaijan, nestled along the shores of the Caspian Sea, extends a warm invitation to such an exceptional opportunity! The coastline stretches nearly 1000 kilometers and hosts an array of picturesque resorts and all-inclusive hotels offering unparalleled service - arguably the best in the Caucasus. The warm sea, expansive sandy beaches, and well-developed infrastructure ensure a delightful and memorable vacation along the Caspian coast.

Seaside Holidays

A seaside holiday in Azerbaijan presents an ideal opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends, bask in nature's beauty, rejuvenate, and gather energy for the entire year. Resort activities offer a vast and diverse menu, from beach bars and restaurants to pool parties and water sports. You can savour refreshing cocktails while gazing at the sea, unwind at local spa centres, or pump up your adrenaline with a jet ski ride. In the evenings, guests can partake in entertainment programmes, dance shows, and musical performances, all enhanced by superb national cuisine. The black sand beaches of Lankaran, the thermal springs of Mardakan located just 40 kilometres from Baku, the excellent water park at Bilgah resort, and the Sea Breeze Resort, featuring private villas right on the beach and yacht berths, all await you!

Azerbaijan's Beaches and Resorts

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