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Azerbaijan is one of the capitals of world sports, where many major international competitions take place. Caspian Private Leisure will be pleased to support your sporting interest and organize you a visit to the most exciting finals from chess tournaments to Formula 1 races.
Sport is more than a game; it is a fountain of exhilarating emotions and joy. As a team of professionals, we delight in introducing our clients to the most impactful and exciting moments in the sports world. Together, we will attend enthralling competitions in rhythmic gymnastics, tennis, chess, judo, among other disciplines, and visit athletic events and festivals regularly held in Azerbaijan.

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Sport is a key development priority in our country. The government is proactively building sports infrastructure, supporting local athletes, and hosting major international competitions. In 2015, Baku hosted the inaugural European Olympic Games, featuring more than 6,000 athletes from 50 different countries worldwide. This event played a crucial role in highlighting Azerbaijan as a venue for top-tier international competitions. In 2017, Baku welcomed the Islamic Solidarity Games, and in 2019, it hosted the UEFA Europa League final, with English clubs Chelsea and Arsenal battling at the Olympic Stadium in the Azerbaijani capital.

Azerbaijan is an arena for international competitions

From gymnastics to Formula 1

Each year since 2017, the Baku City Circuit has been the venue for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, a stage of the world-renowned Formula 1 car race. Hundreds of visitors and racing enthusiasts flock to watch the high-speed vehicles tear along the Seaside Boulevard. Additionally, for nearly a decade, Baku has been the host for the final of the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup at the National Gymnastics Arena, attracting the world's best gymnasts.
Another annual event is the international tennis ranking tournament in memory of Heydar Aliyev, with participation from young athletes aged 14 to 18. Lastly, let's not overlook chess, one of Azerbaijan's most popular sports. This summer, Baku is set to host the World Chess Cup, where 206 chess players will engage in a thrilling knockout competition.

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