Qafqaz Tufandag Mountain Resort: Your Ideal Winter and Summer Getaway at an Elevation of 1251m!
Nestled at a height of 1251 metres on the slopes of Mount Tufandag, the Qafqaz Tufandag Mountain Resort is situated at the heart of the popular ski resort town of Gabala. The architecture of this five-star hotel, reminiscent of a cosy European chalet, perfectly complements the surrounding mountainous landscape. What sets the Qafqaz Tufandag Mountain Resort apart from other destinations is its convenient location, with two ski lifts right on its property and the ski slopes ending just a short distance from the resort. Moreover, ski passes are included in the accommodation costs. Operated in both winter and summer, the four cable cars - with romantically named "Riverside", "Duruja", "Yatmysh Gezal” (“The Sleeping Beauty"), and "Gabala" - enhance your alpine experience.

Tufandag Mountain: An Alpine Escape

Sweeping vistas of the Greater Caucasus foothills, viewed from the cabins, offer picturesque, postcard-worthy scenes. The resort caters to all skiing enthusiasts - from professionals seeking challenging slopes to beginners new to the sport. Starting at an altitude of 950 metres and culminating at 1920 metres, the resort boasts a total of approximately 17 kilometres of ski slopes. For extended winter fun, snowmobiles and tubes are available, and thrill-seekers will love the high-altitude swings situated on the "Sleeping Beauty" peak. With swings at heights of 7 and 20 metres, even the most daring adrenaline junkies are catered for!

Ski Slopes and High-Altitude Swings

After a day of mountain adventure, the onsite spa offers a Turkish bath, sauna, steam room, and massage facilities. VIP Spa services are also available for families wishing to unwind together. A well-equipped gym with professional equipment caters to fitness enthusiasts. Nearby cable cars lead to the peak’s restaurants "Gabala", "Duruja", and "Chalet Steak & Wine House", situated at an altitude of 1920m, offering delightful meals amidst the mountains. Another nearby attraction, Gabaland, is Azerbaijan's largest amusement park, open year-round for endless fun.

Relaxation and Entertainment

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