Nine Senses

Baku knows how to surprise — and not only with the beauty of nature and the mysteries of history. If you decide to relax on the Absheron Peninsula and choose Sea Breeze Resort & Residences, built by Emin Agalarov, you will have the opportunity to both devote time to a beach holiday and spend it with benefit.

Even on vacation many prefer not to interrupt their yoga, music or creativity lessons — and all these activities are available in the resort creative center “Nine Senses”. The building was designed by “Fursov Architects”. It serves not only its intended purpose, to work with guests and residents of the resort, but is also an art residence for Azerbaijani and international painters. This is a cultural point of attraction — the center held workshops, festivals, concerts and performances.

It is not only called "Nine Senses" — the architect Alexei Fursov realized the building in the form of the number nine — a transparent roof, covering the center of the "nine", lets the southern sun into a multifunctional space, where there is a place for yoga, ceramics and molding, for dancing — and for a vegetarian cafe (of which there are not so many in Baku).

The guests of the center have access not only to artistic and developmental practices — there you can learn the basics of animation, arrange a shadow theater or get acquainted with the ancient oriental drawing method "ebru", in which you draw with paints on water. You can come here for an hour, or stay for the weekend. Go on a creative journey, find a “new you” and return from a trip rested in every sense of the word!